Content Monitoring Policy

Serious Violation
- Using illegal ways to outsmart broadcasting time, additional incentives, etc.
- Using a program or application to modify the function of the app Nonolive without the prior written consent of Nonolive.
- Implement measures to mereverse engineer or merekayasi Nonolive application without any permission.
- All matters related to drugs / psychotropic substances, drink / drug illegal.
- Spreading propaganda, including the invited users to join a MLM agencies, genre, or a particular organization
- Gambling or anything related to gambling
- Conducting violation of decency, with yourself and others
- Other behaviors that may violate obscenity or do not fit with the culture of Indonesia
- Installing or profile picture shows the scene / sexual simulation
- Take action pornography
- Conduct and publish any measures destruction of property belonging to other people and countries.
- Performances that endanger the safety of the animals and injured animals, like hurt animals
- Performances that endanger the safety of the users involved, such as self-mutilation and murder

Distributing sexuality, sexually suggestive, or things like below:
  - Distributing or prostitution, exchange of wives, sexual abuse and other harmful information
  - The spread of sites vulgar or pornographic material
  - Spread the pornographic material, sexually explicit, images can cause sexuality, speech, music, text, video, sound, etc.

Medium Violations
- The use of tools, simulation tools, firearms, replica firearms / airsoft gun, doing a scene with a dangerous weapon
- Performances that endanger the safety of Talent
- Another threat to life and safety
- Violating the privacy of others, threatening the public interest, without the consent of the parties concerned, mentioning the full name of another person to the public, address, telephone number and other personal information, any form of interviews, interaction with public information, and other private
- Use text, voice, images, video, and other propaganda with another video platform

Through a variety of ways to show or memorable part of the body of a sexual nature, such as:
  - Deliberately focus the camera to sensitive parts
  - Using the touch, speech, and other measures
  - Using sexual aids or simulate sexual acts that indicate activity
  - Sexual behavior, such as but not limited to, intimacy with a spouse or other person (public display of affection)
- Using the short pants that do not cover the entire area of the buttocks or only partially.
  - Showing cleavage is more than 50% of the breast area

- Offensive others, including verbal abuse, defamation, insult, and things regionalism.
- Another type of government regulation, pornographic, sexually explicit, something that is illegal, unlawful, or anything else that threatens the lives and health and other related offenses.
- Disseminate information that is not related to work in Nonolive, such as job advertisements, news, etc., on account or a social group owned media or made by Nonolive (eg WhatsApp, LINE, etc.).
- Do not respond or interact with the audience Nonolive
- Insulting or degrading audience Nonolive
- Lend Nonolive account and password to others, good friends, a couple, or a family member

Light Violation (Group C)
- Doing activities such as drinking, smoking, shisha, inhale vapor or ecigarettes
- Viewing video unauthorized
- Perform other harmful acts against the interests / rights of others
- Disguised as a medium, television, reporter, etc.
- Publish all forms of advertising, including all information that violates laws and regulations Nonolive, among other things: gambling, adult stuff, guns, swords, bows, adult film, medical supplies health, cigarette advertising, advertising illegal drug and advertising treatment alternatives and other related content

Taking action vulgar, sexually explicit menampillkan dressed with, for example:
- Do not wear clothes
- Dress indecent
- Shows excessive cleavage
- Shows the thigh
- Use clothes that are too tight
- Using a transparent fashion and translusan
- Using or wet clothing deliberately
- Using underwear
- And others

- Distributing or play a game or action / erotic movement
- Removing the voices that can be interpreted as a sexual act
- Using the cover face (like a mask, facial mask, eye patch, etc.) except cosplay or event / theme is permitted in writing by Nonolive
- Using a cream or facial mask so that the face can not be seen with normal and clear
- Covering the face of the camera, turned away from the camera continuously